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Cash Assistance

The California Work Opportunity and Responsibility for Kids (CalWORKs) is a public assistance program that gives cash assistance and services to eligible needy California families.

If a family has little or no cash and needs housing, food, utilities, clothing or medical care, they may be eligible to receive immediate short-term help.

Cash assistance and services may be available for:

  • Families that have a child(ren) in the home who has been deprived of parental support or care because of the absence, disability or death of either parent.
  • Families with a child(ren) when both parents are in the home but the primary earner is unemployed.
  • Needy caretaker relatives of a foster child(ren).

Other eligibility requirements include an applicant's citizenship, age, income, resources, assets and other factors.

The monthly amount of cash assistance a family can receive depends on a number of reasons, including the number of people who are eligible, any special needs of those eligible people, the amount of income they receive, and the value of their property (vehicles, checking accounts, etc.).